Thursday, 18 June 2009


few minutes before lunch break ends...
i wished to write a lot of stuff,
but... i wished la..
i tot a lot about writing,
and then when i got home to start bloging,
the internet wont work.
there goes my ideas la...

i even list the things that i wish to blog about..
lemme see...
1-coding.. o yeah, thats my job these days, i learnt new stuff everyday.. its fun.. for me la.. to others.. i'm not sure bout that..
2-along's music list... along(my eldest sister) she got the weirdest taste on music, yet, its the best! one of them is the soundtrack of the movie ocean 12 - laser.. seriously.. cant stop listening to it, then.. the old songs from the album beautiful gargbage..

thats about it.. gtg...

*** i wanna go travelling~~~

p/s: how bout u guys? interns? works? holidays?

1 comment:

greyellow said...

u wanna join for a reunion next weekend?
jom la2
try ask around budak STF laen yang intern juga olrite?

and yes my dear
tlg la buat fb account
m dying here