Thursday, 30 July 2009

dead cat on the road + kaki blue

have you ever bump into a cat lying dead.. in the middle of the road? and wonder:
  • aiya... so disgusting.. cant look at it.
  • who did this?
  • pity the cat....
  • what the hell hit it till its brain scatterd all over the road?
  • why didn't anybody put it aside when it is still in one piece?
  • whos job is it anyway to clean this up?
stop asking.. and do it. just do it(lyk nike) ... whats the harm? well, thanks to herne, ema and i will b spending the night thinking about the dead cat we just moved off from the busy road.
there were only three of us in the car, heading to mcd. we were almost there when all of the sudden we saw the cat, lying in the middle of the road. herne didnt hesitate, just as we park our car, she took some paper and plastic in the backseat and went straight to it. herne try to pick it up and i was holding the plastic bag wide open for her. Ema did a great job by informing every car which slowed down to watch us, "tade ape..kucing mati , kucing mati.. tade ape.. jalan .. jalan".. and yeah, not to forget the two guys who helped us when the cats head was about to fall of the plastic bag. good job people!
kaki blue? yeah.. thats the reason we were all out together that time.. it was herne's second theater show(too bad i missed the first theater T_T) .. the theater is really interesting.. its about NS.. the only bad thing about is.. herne is not the main character.. but she did her part very well in the show. she is full of energy when it comes to dancing and singing. she loves it. i knew it. just look how she enjoys doing it. its her thing~ :)

tonight is the opening night. for those who havent watch it, no worries. u still have the chance to do so as it ends on 16th august. another 15 days from now (exclude monday, they dont do mondays) .. visit for more..

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sAiEy said...

nola.. rindula kat ko..
muah2.. hehee
hehe neway ko telah ditag oleh aku!