Monday, 10 August 2009

train + 5 year old

On saturday morning.I was on a train , sitting beside a 5 year old girl, sofia is her name.I switch places with her cuz i can see at that time that she loves to watch outside..the scenery.she is so cute. I tried to be friendly with her, so i chit chat a little about kids stuff. playing teka teki n stuff. then i asked her to guess my age:

  • first guess : 15 <-- LoL...
  • second guess : 14 <-- what? getting younger than ever?

so i stopped there.. give her a few more chances to guess and ill end-up being in the same school as she is in next year. LoL.. kids.. ^_^ they are just so adorable. arent they?


fitto said...

i guess u r 14... =P

correct anot???

can i guess summore???


sya-shan said...


DiRiKu... said...

ahakz!!nola bajet rahsia awet mude??share2 ah..neway,rudy nie.. n_n

blueberRy~ said...

pergh..nola~ muke u bukan macam 30 + keh..;P
maybe that day, u amik wuduk byk kot..tuh nmppak mude..ngeh2