Wednesday, 19 May 2010

57 : Aku ada Allah

1:05 am : this is the time stated in my computer.
i'm not sure why, but i felt like sharing a bit of my life experience
(tak banyak sangat pun pengalaman) here in my blog.
bak kata orang :
sharing is caring
caring is loving

loving in the sake of Allah

will bring us to Jannah, Insyaallah
just now, my roommate gave me a link to a post. i was moved by these words in the blog, i quote :
‘ Anti dah tak perlu sesiapa, anti ada Allah!’

time passes by .
yesterday we were just little kids running around, playing in rain n mud.
today we are in university. we are already final year students
whats next? work? marriage?

the stages of our life. and in every stage, we face different challenges and obstacles.
when we were just kids, we may have problems listening to our parents. do this, dont that. dont do this, do that. how stubborn we were at that time? why are parents like this? and so we thought like that. wishing you could grow-up fast.

when we started to grow up, in our early teens, we started to learn the importance of friendship. having someone to hold to . but how it hurts deeply when friends turn out to be the people they are not suppose to be. lying and backstabbing. forgiving and sobbing. endless friendship tales.

then we got scholarships. we worked hard to keep our grades high, or else we'll cry. too many distraction. focus focus turn out to be hocus pocus. feels like giving up but thats not an option.

different stage, different challenges.
"Allah tasketh not a sould beyond its scope..." [2:286]

and every challenges or obstacles that we have to face, it is all within our capabilities. Allah believe that you can do it, so y dont u believe it too? never give up? giving up is not the characteristic of a true muslim.

we will just have to look deep into the matter and find the hikmah of anything that occurs. parents want the best for us. they do so because they love us, we just dont understand it yet at that time. "mama marah sebab mama sayang adik..." said my little sister once. haven't I grown up well? thanks mama and babah. hugs and kisses from tronoh~

friends are normal human beings like us , ourselves. people tend to do mistakes at all time. learn to forgive though its hard to forget. for a big palace awaits you in Jannah, for you forgivers. i love all of my friends and would like to see us all together in Jannah~

through knowledge we can increase our Iman. and this is what the satan hates the most, so , it will always try to stop us from studying. dont let them! they are our enemies. with their agendas, all the good things could turn into distractions if we work according to their evil plan. For example, internet of course. what do have to do? focus focus focus!!!

but the question is , where do we get all the strength to face these obstacles?

when you feel like you are all alone
when you just trying to cope with everything that moves too fast
when you sit and reminisce the fate of your life
when there is no one to hold on to
when everyone else is too busy with their own life and you were their least concern
you are feeling so hopeless...

now get up
and think again
who loves you the most?
who is always there for you?
near to you
close to you at all time...

"... We are nearer to him than his jugular vein." [50:16]

think again and say this :
Aku ada Allah
Aku ada Allah
Aku ada Allah
these 3 words (: I have Allah),
lets keep on saying it
but dont just say it
you got to believe it
for Allah knows whats in your heart...

hopes shouldn't be put towards our parents
nor our friends
nor even our grades

but to Allah
for Allah alone have the power to do anything that He wants
for Allah will give everything that we need
for Allah knows the best for each and every of us
for Allah loves us all..
without doubt
He is Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim..

aku ada Allah
i've said so to myself,
again and again
believing it
cukup Allah untuk ku
how about you?



cik mus'ab said...

Salam ziarah, Cik Musab ada Allah !



Allah sanagt best kan?

Macam2 dia kasi kat kita kan?


atikah said...

Nola dearie,

At-Taubah: 129
Allah tu sgt dekat...
may Allah be with u all the way..

sya-shan said...

cik musab : yes, Allah mmg sgt best, correction, THE BEST!

cik atikah : Allah sgt dekat. ^_^ thnk u!

Anonymous said...

Salam nola.
lama xdgr brita.
tapi bila bc entry nih, rasa mcm nola dah ckp matang dah.hehe.
Alhamdulillah, kita terpilih utk mengenal Allah, waktu susah dan senang, dan belajar utk mencintai Dia selayaknya.

"man arafa nafsahu, arafa rabbahu"

Semoga Allah thabatkan hati kita semua dijalanNya.

miss u.

Sueozana said...

Salam Sya-shan,

"Hasbunallah wa ni'mal wakiil" (Cukuplah Allah sebagai Pelindungku[penolongku-p])
Smoga Sya-shan diberkati Allah selalu. T8 care.