Tuesday, 24 June 2008

saiz 3

aslm wbt. y size 3? because i'm in size 3. my shoes is size 3. but sometimes, its 3 1/2 or 4. its too small, sometimes, all da time, ppl joke about my shoes. whether or not should i by my shoes in da kids department. haha. small feet. yes, unstable, almost fall when i do backtrust kick.
wut is it with small sized feet? happy feet? susah nk carik kasut? yes. but then , ppl wont steel it cuz its too small. hehe. positively. yes. cindarella shoes? definitely, perasan. hahah. i'm enjoying myself. buying shoes that only i can wear it, my sys cant share it. its all mine. shoes2. wut do i do wit my shoes? wear them of course. love them. i have many shoes cuz, all the shoes that i bought since i was in standard 4 till now, i can still wear it. yes, i can still wear it. :D
i have many shoes, cuz i walk a lot. walking around. here and there. exploring new things. experiencing new stuff. yeah. dats the teen spirit. my crocs? dah nak hancur dah. cuz i've been wearing it for the past two months and for all occasions. its so comfortable. when i say its almost hancur. yes. dah nak hancor. no more black in color. dah macam kelabu taik ayam je. wuuu~
shoes.shoes.shoes. wutever the size is, wutever the design is, it is still a shoe. the same purpose for all da shoes being design for, to protect your feet from harm, when you walk outside. its like a key, for your freedom when you want to explore the world. its a basic key, to have you wandering freely and of course, safely. wutever it is, its just a shoe. stop blabbering la nola. shhhh!

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