Tuesday, 8 July 2008

2 weeks trip~

2 weeks with my sisters(excluding syakira of course) in europe. just the three of us. travelling through the five countries... full of excitement i shall say. for now i wont write in details the enjoyment of the trip. ill just list down the places we've been n things we've done. here goes;

Day 1 :
Arrive in Paris - went to Gare du Nord to take train to Brussel.(sadly,the gap for our train and our arrival there is FIVE HOURS... can u imagine that? dah la sejuk bagan~~
-arrive in Brussels, Belgium... that nite, we walk around the city, damn beautiful old buildings...

Day 2:
we went to an old monk's place. they have a
beautiful park there. theres this one guy who came to us an ask us for a penny, he took the penny and mark at the king's face on the penny. he said that they are running a program to acknowledge people about their king. cooL i shall say.
-->window shopping..
-->went to another park..
bg makan kat itik2 yg cumeL.. yeay! i love parks!!!

Day 3:
BRUGGE. a beautiful place. breath-taking scenery. macam tanak balek je bile dtg situ..
-went there by train and walk through the town guided by only map and common sense.

Day 4:
-lets see. shopping i guess. cant remember .
-park again i guess.
kill bill, then rambo 4.(all in french.. thank god there is this thing called subtitle) semua bunuh2. tensi2

Day 5:
AMSTERDAM.. 3 hours away from brussel by train.
-walk around the city and ate
nasi goreng(that we brought) in the middle of the city.

Day 6:
-Went to
STUDENT CITY with cicot(cha's friend). the amazing thing about this city is; u cant drive car there, only bicycles are aloud. all vehicles are to be park underground. so cooL, they have their own cinema and shopping mall. its a whole city, with mainly students in it, with their campus n hostel n stuff. i wonder if utp is gonna be like that..

Day 7:
-in the morning - off to
London by train.
-reached our place to stay, took a nap, then off to
St James Park (see?! park again! i've told ya.. we do love parks!)
-oxford street.. gehehe.. SUMMER SALE...

Day 8:
-Lets see,
BRITISH MUSEUM. wuuu... lots of stuff. the egypt history is da most amazing part.
-OxFord streEt again~~ but didnt bought a thing~ (save the best for the last
la kunun..)

Day 9:
MUSEUM agAin! 2 museum we went on this day.. national museum is it? i cant remember. and the other one is Science museum. seriously, at this point, i was really getting dizzy of these museum thingy.. the best thing is to get out of there and go... SHOPPING!
-Oxford Street again! owh, did i tell you that before we leave, mom did advise us not to spend so much time at
Oxford Street. gehehee... Lily white! Damn! SALE! SALE! SALE! so, we BUY BUY BUY! hahaha

Day 10:
-where did we go ey? owh yeah!
-before that,
LONDON EYE! love it! love it!
-in the evening, off to brussels, and soon to luxemborg ...

Day 11 12 13 14 15 16 ....
i guess i did more than just listing.
enough for now.
next post please...


emiLLanky said...

wah...kamu pg europe yea...xajak pong..muahaha...nway tnjk aa sket gmbr bnyk8...ke tade gamba? =P nak nengok..

sya-shan said...

gamba censored.. muahaaa... :P