Sunday, 27 July 2008

lunch wit dhaq

haven't lepak wit dehaq for quite a while, so i tot, a lunch will help us catching up aka gosip n stuff. haha..

dehaq: so hows life? ur blog?
nola : nah, dun read my blog, i only post a few. too few.. havent got the chance to update my blog. still busy updating oc's blog.
dehaq: ohoo, so u've been updating oc's blog? ur lyk expressing urself in dat blog ey?
nola : urm.. aaaa.. a'a laa... kot.. haha...

well, its not lyk oc's blog is my blog, its just that, i love editting the blog. many thanks to friends who thought me how to blog.

okayh, i dont know what to type now, cuz all i know now is: update oc's blog!!!

psst.. dhaq, thanks for coming all the way to v5 to have lunch wit me. (~_^)

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