Saturday, 30 August 2008

dreams n deeds..

dreams... big dreams...
snap!... snap back to reality!

ppl can dream of wutever they want to dream.. but dreaming alone is not enough. in real life, you wont get what you dream of unless you work for it, and of course, pray to god to make your dream come true.

wut kind of an intro is this huh? it is almost 2am now. im just thinking bout what are my dreams. if i ever want my dreams to come true, i gotta work hard for it. lemme see.. what are they huh? cmon ppl, help me list it down:

(1) jadi muslimah sejati (believe it or not, yeah, this is one of my aim. jadi hamba Allah yg amat berguna) . believe me, its not that easy to become one, but its too easy to not become one. y eh? God help me!

(2)helping ppl - well, i did imagine myself as a doctor, saving lives, helping others. but that was 5 years ago. i realize now that my expertise is in business, not medicine. Make money, and i can still help others rite? yeah~

(3)build a happy lovvy family - diz should come first after being a good muslimah. a good mom n wife should be able to handle a family and thus making it a lovvy dovvy family.. raise good sons(who knows, they cud b the one who responsible for kebangkitan islam one day<-- wow, did i just say this? ) and daughters like me?! ;P

(4)big2 house - i guess, this one will go under helping people. but who cares. this is my blog, i can write wutever i want. who knows, maybe one day, i can turn this house into an orphanage. weee...

urmph...i used to have an endless list of things dat i dream of, but now, i cant really list them all.

the question now is, am i working towards these dreams?

(1) muslimah sejati --> i have an usrah, lead by the sweet n caring ms maymunah n ms hanan. they thought me on how to recharge my iman every week. still working on improving my prayers these days.

(2)helping others --> hurm.. helping others with wut i have, depends on my abilty. make money and giv it to charity? generate money ey, currently, is working well(baru 3 hari berfungsi).. hope this one will help me in achieving one of my dreams here... iA

(3)happy family--> mama, babah, along,cha n ckia. call them everyday with UOXpax... weee.. my own family? urm.. aaa.. not yet married. anyone? ade sape nk msk minang saye?(giggles) i bet the answer is no. masak lauk ape pon tatau lg. typical guys, nak yg pandai masak je kan? ayu gitu.. f*** i hate thinking bout marriege these days. it gives me headache.. u dont wanna know y..

(4)big2 house?--> make money first la... again, business? a lot of business opportunity out there. hurm, which sea shall i dive in? the red ocean or blue ocean. cmon man, im an entrepreneur. of course im gonna dive into the blue ocean where new ideas conquers it all.(paham ke ape ak bebel nie?)

well, dats all i guess. taaaa~

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