Monday, 10 November 2008

quick post

aslm wbt.
here i am, in IRC(library). at the IT section. LAN isn't functioning well. laptop's wifi isn't working also. i can only use the internet in my room to open gmail and utp's website.

tomorrow is my first paper. do pray for me ppL.
Below are my exam papers....
11/11 - Health, safety n environment
13/11 - Software Engineering
15/11 - Internet Programming
17/11 - Data Communication and Networking
18/11 - Corporte Finance

got lots and lots of stuff need to be covered in this very short time. well, any tips?
play hard n study smart. n pray a lot of course.

all da best ppL...

moral of the story: never give up to the very last end. all out. give ur very best. Umph!~


Didy said...

pegi study la nola.!=p

rajin2 update blog ye.

Jazlin Ernida said...

haha semangat tu, sanggup update blog dekat irc ye hehe.

good luck nola!

fitto said...

akhrnya ko update gak blog ko..huhu
nway, all d best 4 exam..

--->study in cubicle 2 avoid distractions sch as mamat2 ensem yg sering berjalan2 di irc..=P..

fairuz said...

good luck dear

fitto said...

i tagged u dear