Tuesday, 21 October 2008

things to do

Sofia said i love to list the things that i wanna or have to do. am i that obvious fia?

Hurm, this is for today.

1-2pm : HSE-got quiz
3-5pm : IP Lab, extra tutorial for project
5-6pm : SE - Prof dah sihat ke?
8 pm : Media Junior -first meeting
9 pm : Kembara meeting
12 pm : Buat dadah... eh, dadih, with hanan. ngeee~

So, thats it for today, starting from the noon, i'll be freaking pack with this schedule. wua wua wua, pack sangat sampai pagi tuh tatau nak wat ape. ngeeee...

well, arranging life is fun.
Planning is important.
We can only plan, but only Allah can decide what will happen.

moral of the story: plan means ur effort, then leave it all to Allah to decide = effort+tawakal


fairuz said...

eyp, pesal aku call ko x boleh dapat.
the number u have dialed cannot be reached.
tuka number ke?

fitto said...

yang..beniage dadih ke kamu???

sya-shan said...

fairuz: ak ade number selkom

fitto: yerp. kamik jual dadih! bkn dadah! yeahaaa~

fitto said...

waahh..bnyk bisnes kamu d utp..boley lah blanje...prada, hermes, banana republic...okay???
we dun wear padini remember??? =P

athirah said...

weh kamu....
btol kah kamu??

sya-shan said...

to fitto: hemo3, byk la ko punye prada kan..

to athirah: ye, sayelah noor syahira shan...kmu? trex? :P