Sunday, 21 December 2008

make me happy

i realize now that one of the things that make me happy when i'm in a not-so-good mood is thinkin bout business. haha.. i love to think bout the possible business that i cud run. there are tons of it out there. lots of ideas, just need guts to run it. some money for modal of course. just live me alone with a calculator and i'll start calculating the possible cost,sale and profit. by hours, days, months, years.. just key in the number. thats easy... love it.

i have a book, containing endless list of business that i have thought of doing. haha! :P from the simple ones, to the complicated ideas.... well, i'll share with you some of the business that i've run and what are the results;

  1. eskim malaysia! - tried it ones. i cant do it alone. no gf seems to be interested in joining forces. so, it succeeded only for a while. havent count the money i got though... (duet still lam bekas) haha..
  2. dadih - originally from gengbiskutmeri. u can recognize our dadih by just looking at it. we put little colored-shaped love thingy on it. its eatable. dun worry bout that. just one way of branding our products. huhuhu.. owh yeah, still running this biz with my biskutmeri mates! ^_^
  3. - book heaven. wuah. still hanging. under maintenance... :P ... but the good thing is, i have a few loyal customers already. they are so sweet. love to see their faces light up when i tell them bout the new books arrived. weeee~.... happy to see others happy! customers' satisfaction is all that matters! haha.

well, thats all i could think of right now... all you need is an idea and a team to do it... and yeah, not to forget.. the one that supports me all the time through all of these stuff.. you know who you are. thanks dear. ^_^

as i remember, my first little business is when i was in standard two. i sold little paper-handbag to classmates. they love it. the materials was just reben and paper. i have lots of money to spend during recess thanks to that. geheeee...

well, it really cheers me up. no wonder i'm taking business degree. :P

peace out!



Jaemy said...

yup, teh di sini~

Anonymous said...

my God! wonderful! haha nola... ko jual buku eh? erm buku ape ye? hehe... menareknye business anda... nola kaye! nola kaye! bukak sem belanje! =P

p/s shaqifah's here.. jeng jeng jeng

Anonymous said...

God Almighty!

tau tau... dah visit lmab.. amazingly good! never knew of it...

who's the one that lending all the books... kalo free taleh ke? hehe...=P

kurt nurmen said...

nola, kalau betul2 minat business and making money kan, u should(u must!) read all Azizi Ali's books.if u havent actually read them la.

sya-shan said...

to shaqifah: all da books ade kt utp. silakan dtg bilek ku utk melihat semua buku2 itu. kalo da byk2 bace,minat gle tuh, leh jek kasik free bace. ;)

to kurt: azizi ali? thnks!