Friday, 5 September 2008

4 ekor ayam dan 6 ekor lalat

From left;
pic 1: tgh seronok membakar ayam.
pic 2:nih dah sebok posing je nih. aen bersama sbg ketua chef.
pic 3:kantoi. kan dah ckp, td tuh posing je. nampak tak tom tgh ratah ayam.

Okay, this is during the weekend before ramadhan, not during ramadhan. i repeat, not during the fasting month. we do fast. haha... terima kasih kepada org ramai yg byk membantu dalam mendapatkan resipi ayam bbq nih. hehe. tanpa anda, jadi ayam ape ntah tatau la. haha.

4 ekor ayam? yes, thats the amount of chicken that we bought for this bbq. requested by the 6 lalat. org dah kate dah, 4 ekor tuh byk sgt. diorang tak pecaye. seb baek la leh bawak balek n makan. who are the 6 lalat? haha. its all the ppl in the pic accept ain, tom, sya, mizan n me. its da baby mizan ok, not ije. why lalat? cuz all of these big lalat cant stop wooooing around our cooked meal.. they just cant wait for everything to b ready.

where at? its ulu chepor~ ... thanks to the gamelan team, now i know another spot for picnic(last time we had our family day here in ulu chepor). its not that hard to search for this place. signboards here n there. just go left when u exit from utp, and then straight.... n straight... jgn kona2 okay.. then u'll see the signboards.about half an hour singing in the car n u'll reach there. easy rite?

From left,
pic 1:sebok maen syampu2.gediknye.habes satu sungai tuh bau syampu.
pic 2:nih lah gambaran jelas sebahagian drpd lalat2 tersebut. :P

Special thanks to aen, cuz helped me with the chickens. i donno wut i wud do without her. i really, really, really cant cook i guess. wuuuu~ but not for aen. she acts lyk the head of chef when shes in the kitchen of our house. wuuu~ go aen go~ ...

the picnic was full of excitement! fun fun fun. i cant stop laughing looking at every picture taken. happy memories stays. (^_^) till then... happy ramadhan to all.

Moral of the story : dont b greedy. 4 ekor ayam is too many. :P
Note:we had fun . tom,ain,nola,sya,mizanbaby,paan,palie,denin,piji,nono n ije.

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