Friday, 5 September 2008


Dory from Finding the Nemo? yes. it is. How is it related to me? hahaa... just wait and see. Dory here is the one who help Merlin to find his son Nemo. they travel together and met a lot of fascinating creatures. they met 'crush' the cool turtle and also, dory thought Merlin the whale language. it was so cool seeing dory speaks whale language. its not that hard you know. maybe you can practise it in your room and your rumate will think ur crazy.

Again, how does it relates to me? do you remember that dory has this problem, STM Loss which stands for, Short Term Memory Loss. her disease makes the whole story more exciting n funnier. anyway, back to me(its always bout me. its my blog. wut were u thinkin? haha :P), i think i have the same disease too. not really serious, but a lil bit i guess. the problem is, i tend to forgot about all the small things. and when i say i forgot, i really mean it. i do.

example. dlm solat? but theres another thing to when it comes to solah. it is called was-was. its really tyring to do all the things over n over again. khusyuk is what important rite? tried that one too . only god knows how sick i feel about myself on this. Takpe, masih ada harapan. caiyuk nola!

i really hoped that this wont interrupt my mission in life, which is improving my solah. as you know; solat itu tiang agama.can you just imagine how important it is to perform a good solah. i mean, the solah itself will reflect your life(i think so.geheee). Solat dpt menjauhkan maksiat.

upon saying bout this phrase. i just remembered. try to recall about ayah pin and his followers. i remember about one of his followers saying this to the press: Solat dapat mengelakkan maksiat. saya tak buat maksiat, buat apa saya perlu solat.... or something like that la. Astaghfirullahhalngazim. how can they think like that? if that so, wutever happen to the phrase solat itu tiang agama? ... apa~ nak jadi ni. mengucap2.

Okay , back to dory. i just adore her n her character. always with her smile and her happy-go-lucky attitude. i love her so much that i put her figure as my cursor. yerp, i just downloaded the cursor last nite, and it was like sooo cooL. :D

till then. selamat berpuasa bagi umat muslimin dan muslimah. and when you are breaking fast, try this, take a few second to remember about muslimin in other parts of the world, fasting in a very bad condition; cold, no shalter, no food ie: palestinians, earthquake victims. just pray to god that they will feel the same as you are while you're eating. bg mereka rasa kekenyangan yang kamu rasa... thats at least what we can do for the time being. :)

May peace be upon you. (^_^)


Nuriman said...

dory~ dory~

emiLLanky said...

lil miss dorrrryyy...btw lect ak kte ayah pin da pg swizerland.muahahaha.mengong!

sya-shan said...

ms dory~
switzerland? wuu... manyak tol duet die eh..