Thursday, 11 September 2008


burp... alhamdulillah...
gulp.. gulp.. gulp... (bape byk air nk minom daaaa..)
just finish sahur with my girls. the topic on the table(besela, pompuan kat mane2 pon berborak) was kuih2 tradisional. cik benet? is dat it? da kuih introduced to us by aen n tom. it was new to us(nola n fye). dkny? she just mention about kepak ayam madu... dats not a kuih my dear. :P
gulp.. gulp.. gulp.. (i'm still drinking from the 1.5 litre bottle) ...

... dan azan subuh berkumandang... "save now"...........
recite a few surah
....forgot about this post.....
after 5 days(or so)

just got back from masjid. today, i break fast with iqa n frens. owh yeah, and auni too. *auni is a star in the mosque, a 2 year old little girl. so cute, running around the lady's site while waiting for her mom to finish terawikh.
--> wut is this dulang all about? okay, here goes. I REALLY LOVE BREAK FAST,EATING USING DULANG. im not sure why...
its not the free food that i got...
its not that i dont have money to buy my own food...
its not bout the tasty nasi tomato or nasi minyak...
its not bout the cool condition in the mosque of utp.
no no no.. its not bout that.

i just enjoy myself eating using the dulang all together with friends. i dont mind if i seat with someone i dont know, thats the time to get to know them. meet all sorts of girls. when you eat using dulang, i tell ya, everything will become really3x tasty ; lazat i shall say. (^_^) sharing is caring~~

--->other than that, i enjoyed the terawikh of course. while at home, i'll be damn eager to pray terawikh in the mosque. i'm like this since i was little.maybe because the mosque is rite in front of my house. i'll go there with my family or friends. i remember the moment where i felt lyk in between of klcc cuz i was standing in between my two elder sister(along n cha).. note: they are very tall compare to me. they are so tall... lala..

--> i also often went there with my friends... herne.. diana... hihi.. missing the old times. diana is about to fly this saturday. sorry i couldnt send you off at the airport. gonna miss you beb. come back as a doctor that u wish to be. (^_^)... herne? d'oh. kat shah alam je pon makcik nih. tp bz semacam... lifes lyk dat. we have our own way now. in times lyk this(puasa, terawikh n raya) .. we will have the chance to gather and chat and update each other. (^_^) owh yeah, ema, jemput la dtg semayang terawikh at ss7.

-->ramadhan is the best. i just love the dulang style and the tarawikh all together. not to forget, this is the best time to practise your qiamulail skills. wake up in the morning to perform solah. even if its just the 2 rakaat sunah prayer. biar sikit, asalkan istiqamah. be moderate, thats what our prophet always emphasize about. being modest. (^_^)

**Happy Ramadhan to all~**
forgive me if i have done anything wrong towards you
i didnt mean to do so
it is my mistakes
as a normal human being
i tend to make mistakes lyk other people do
forgive me
please do
i beg you
n thank you for every single thing.

.......bermaaf-maafan adalah satu amalan yg mulia......


ejat said...

gud girl

emiLLanky said...

i wish i cud hv mkn kt dulang till nw xde pong jmpe surau memane yg ade perkhidmatan nasi dulang free.(mind d word free =P)

sya-shan said...

laa beb, kat masjid shah alam takkan tkde kowt~ hehe

emiLLanky said...

ade aa tmbg dr umah ak nk g sane lebey kurg rm8. pg blk da 16 hengget. kalo cm2 bek ak bk kt mcd je.dpn umah ak ade.hoho