Sunday, 14 September 2008

duLang: episod 3

--> finally, yesterday.... i was the victim myself! geehee.. my fault! i came late to the mosque. i just break fast with mineral water in the car while on the way to the mosque. what was i doing yesterday that i came so late? i was sleeping all day i guess. oops! thats not so good... -_-'' my bad~ :P
--> thank god there is this kind lady, kind enough to offer us her share in the duLang. geheee.. a suap or two is enough... buat pengalas perut je sudey... like a few days before... but now is my turn who didn get to eat during the break fast.. so, after terawikh, me and haizy, went to v2, and ordered the old time favourite, burger ayam black pepper... delicious!!!! :P

moral of the story,
  • dont be late to the mosque if you want to break fast there
  • thank god theres so many kind people around you that actually cares about you.

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