Friday, 12 September 2008

duLang: episod 2

and today, i felt really bad .( -__-') usually, the foods are enough for all of the girls. but as we were about to finish our meal, a few girls came in, and there are my friends. wuuu, i felt really bad cuz i cudnt offer them the food. same thing happen to a family a few minutes earlier, thank god they got their meal from some of the guys. but not my friends there. thank god again, alhamdulillah they did brought their own drinks and some doughnuts. planned to offer them some banana from my duLang, but as i came back after washing my hands, the banana has already been taken by another member of the duLang. sorry mate.. i felt really bad bout that, cuz leaving them not eating... wuuu...
in order to cover it back, i mean, to recover this feeling of guilt, i bought my friends some supper. our favourite dadihs n burgers. wuuu~ fun2. plus, its ramadhan, a good deed indeed if you spend to buy meal for others. much better if its breaking fast's meal. *wink!

till then people, just a short note saying that we should share that will show that we care. sharing is caring. u'll feel good if others feel good. happy if others are happy. wont ya? (^_^) lov lov lov !

this is what we call dadih!
nyum nyum nyum

psst.... ade org tuh merajuk. org nak belanja die burger tp die tanak. tp last2, sindri g V2 cari burger tuh. haha..~

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