Tuesday, 2 September 2008

europe trip

as requested by ms fit, here are the pictures....

Belgium, tatkala jam 12 tgh mlm... haa, tu la bf i kat sane

i just love these cute houses... *brugge

owh yeah, did i tell ya, we really njoy going to the beautiful parks(coz its summer) and meet all the ducks... and feed them! habes roti yg kitorang beli utk wat sandwich.. *giggles
9pm in belgium

we just love to pose... we really had a wonderful time together... minus all the fights we had... cha along, thanks for waiting for me to go for this trip.. -brugge

owh, heres the hungry ugly duckling~

another pose by my sisters.. btw, they are twins..

administration building, belgium. midnight.beautiful.

the scenery here was damn beautiful... masyaallah..
sweet2 cha n along~ brugge

amsterdam ...
nola: nak tgkap gamba gak~
along: jap, ak tgkap gamba sorang dlu..

cicot: our dearest friend, staying in belgium, speaks french, saved us from the high accomodation fee.. not to forget, our tourist guide too~
cha: cicot's besties! cicot only listen to her...
nola: me! love them both!

this is my along, interested? contact me for more info. :P

penat dah bjalan.. another awesome building.. amst..

islam itu mudah.. yeah~ dimana jua anda berada.. solat wajib ditunaikan..
railway station.amsterdam.heading back to brussel.

u hav to pay in order to take pic wit him..
one way of getting money..
.. dats the effort! i lyk!

nampak tak tuh.. kitorang tgh makan nasi goreng..
hehe.. bawak bekal.. save2.. :D amsterdam..

*the pictures shown above are just apart from our trip.. theres london, luxemborg, n paris also... sume dalam camera lg kot.. huhu :P will update later ey,


emiLLanky said...

muahehe...sungguh hepi bila permintaan ditunaikan..ekeke...trimmas sayangku...nway, d admin building was vry nice.wish i cud go ther too..wuwuwu..eyt,sape stadi kt sane?ur sis ke?

sya-shan said...

tade yg stadi kat sane.cume ade member die sorang mmg duduk kat sne. nih just fulfill wish akak ako yg sorang tuh, die baru grad. stahun gak la die plan trip nih. ;)

Ahmad Khalis Nazib said...

I'm missing out a lot ere;wen did u go to Belgium?
And nice tudung by d way.style la weh~ haha

sya-shan said...

huhu, i did tell ya early this year when we had da conversion about ur trip to uk. i did say i'll b going to uk n stuff but i guess, i didnt sound so serious bout it at that time. huhu.. btw, da tudung style? haha.. will only wear it when i'm away from Malaysia, where people dont know me. haha..

Anonymous said...

i learn french, but dont have the chance to go there, yet..
btw, nice pitures of your's..